Bed Making at a Hospitality Facility

Elders are full of knowledge, right? An older person has collected a wealth of experience. Ah, but on this day, as Abby, Phoebe and I were making one of fourteen beds I glimpsed my lax habits.

“Grams,” Phoebe muttered across the king-sized bed, “The fold isn’t straight?” She had her share of the sheet folded back two or more inches and I just laid my back causing a crinkle in fabric. I obliged and the effort (?) was rewarding.

Next we flipped the comforter onto the single bed. Phoebe squatted, pressed her cheek against the extended support leg and one eye squinted. Her “sighting” revealed a swag in the lines of the quilt. I wish I had a camera.

“You better hurray Grams. We’re about to lay it out.” Abby referred to the filler for a beam on the deck. Gotta run!

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