A pencil drawer

Why is the content of our pencil drawer important? Soon I will tell you why but first….

Our pencil drawer is under the  microwave counter and a few steps from the kitchen table. Easy to reach into for a writing utensil and scrap paper. Handy when the kids want to suddenly play 10,000 or Scrabble; paper is needed on which to keep score.

A few times a day I open, withdraw, and return what I took out.

Today I paused when I casually pulled out the drawer. The ruler and scissors are snugged against the left side of the tray that now holds all the markers. In the three-slot tray, ball point pens lay nested in one slot. The next one has pencils. The third slot has mechanical pencils.

Behind the trays are note pads, tape, and glue.

These important details, the neatness of their placement, tell me Ron organized the drawer.

By contrast, when I use a pen, I toss it haphazardly back into the drawer, intending for it to hit a slot — any slot. Thus the next time I open the drawer, well, I have to hunt for whatever. But Ron has a strong bent for everything in it’s place. Me? I just leave a trail of messy evidence I’ve been there.

The pencil drawer shows me Ron’s character and I love him for the quiet demonstration of what can be.

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